Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Upcoming Career Forums! (from Disco International)

I received this message from Disco International:

Students with some degree of both Japanese and English language abilities are invited to come speak and interview with hiring companies for full-time and internship positions at this summer and fall's Career Forums. Positions are located worldwide. We encourage you to explore future options and make connections even if you have a few years left before graduation. Be proactive!

In the U.S.
Los Angeles Career Forum (Oct. 7 & 8)
*Approximately 30 hiring companies
*Scholarships available to help cover travel expenses

Boston Career Forum (Nov. 18 - 20)
Website available from mid-May
*Approximately 200 hiring companies
*Scholarships available to help cover travel expenses

In Japan
Tokyo Summer Career Forum (June 25 & 26)
*Approximately 250 hiring companies

Osaka Summer Career Forum (June 30)
*Approximately 60 hiring companies

Full Career Forum schedule available here:

If you have questions about any of the Career Forums, please contact us at

(This disco guy was my own contribution. - Ken Knight)

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