Monday, April 4, 2016

Undergraduate 2016-2017 Academic Year Scholarship

A message from the Office of the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences:

We invite all College of Arts & Sciences majors to submit a proposal for the Undergraduate Academic Year Scholarship. Awards are given during the academic year and may begin at the start of fall or spring semesters. The scholarship supports scholarly and artistic endeavors during the academic year that are outside of AU credit hours; students may not receive independent study, independent reading, or internship credit for their projects. However the scholarly activity might become part of a senior capstone project.

The primary goal of the scholarship is to provide students with the opportunity to cultivate skills by working collaboratively with faculty on a scholarly or creative project. Each scholarship carries an award of $1,500 per semester for up to two consecutive semesters and up to $500 for research related expenses (e.g., materials, transportation, field work).

• Applicants must have a primary CAS major with a minimum major GPA of 3.3 and a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0.
• Awardees must be enrolled as full-time undergraduate students at American University during the period of the award.
• Preference will be given to students with demonstrated economic need as determined by the Financial Aid Office. Students do not provide this documentation.

• All applications must include:
o a cover page with the name of the project, the names and email addresses of the student and faculty mentor, and the student’s primary major; if applicable include secondary majors and minors.
o an abstract (300 word maximum) and a short list of key words.
o the proposal itself, limited to 1,000 words (not including references). Describe the project (exactly what you will do), explain the project’s significance in terms of your field, and provide information regarding the academic or artistic training that will enable you to undertake this proposed activity.
o a timeline for completion.
o a letter of support from the intended faculty mentor.

• Awardees are required to file a final report, co-signed by their faculty sponsor, within 30 days of completing their scholarly or creative activity.

The scholarship is competitive. The College will make up to 12 awards distributed across the Clusters: Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences. The application review committee will be composed of the CAS Associate Dean of Research, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies, the CAS Research Committee and possibly faculty representatives drawn from the academic units.

Award winners will be expected to publicly present their completed work. For instance, they might present, display or perform their work at a conference at AU or at an event off campus. They also may be asked to speak to prospective students during Preview Days about their scholarship. Awards are made for the academic year (August 2016 – April 2017). All work should be completed by and all funding must be expended by April 30, 2017.

Applications should be submitted to the Associate Dean of Research of the College of Arts and Sciences at by May 1, 2016.

Please let the Japanese Language Program Coordinator (Ken Knight, Ph.D.) know if you are interested in pursuing something Japanese-related.

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