Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Kito Webinar

This was received from Lighthouse Global Inc:

We are happy to announce that we are hosting KITO CORPORATION, a Japanese major Hoist & Crane manufacturer Webinar on Sunday, May 15th 2016!
*Pre-registration must be required!
—— What are good about KITO CORPORATION? ——
~ Needed are Kito’s products, as long as gravity is there ~ The slogan refer to “Hoist” & “Crane”, which lift up, move and stabilize the material. KITO CORPORATION is a global machinery manufacturer, that manufactures them on their own and sells them not only in Japan but worldwide.
- acquired No.1 market share both in Japanese and the U.S. market.
- A leading company, being listed with first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
- The company has both stability and growth as it keeps challenging the new fields such as theaters and wind electricity, etc while sustaining society's infrastructure.
- Some seniors have already worked for overseas business only a year after joining the company! So there is a field that you can play a active role overseas or by using English at its early stage!
Company’s website:
Learn more about the Webinar:
— Webinar details —
*LIVE Streaming               *About an hour-long Webinar              *It will be spoken only in Japanese.
[Time and date] US East Coast (EST): Sunday, May 15th | 9:00 p.m. -
[How to join the Webinar?]
*We will send you a link to watch the Webinar after your registration.
-About manufacturing industry/Company Information session (about KITO)
-Career Information provided by seniors who graduated from Universities overseas.
-Upcoming Summer/Fall Screening Sessions schedule (for juniors and seniors)
-Summer Internship Information
-Qs and As Session in a live chat

Students who are enrolled in Universities in the US/Canada and are required to have at least a business Japanese proficiency level.
-The Webinar (and the summer internship program above) is open to all majors and school years.
-All types of study-abroad students are welcomed! (Exchange/a short or long period of study abroad programs)

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